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The Chrome Plated Tarot consists of a 78-card deck, including 21 face cards, 1 trump card, and 4 sets of suited cards, with an accompanying guidebook used for divination. The design for each card was created by collaging imagery from women's magazines of the 1950s, and the set examines the visual aesthetics of consumer culture from that era. 

the devil final 3.jpg

The Chrome Plated Tarot

the politician final 1.jpg
king of knives final 2.jpg
1 of forks final 2.jpg
the machine final 2.jpg
the fool final 2.jpg
1 of knives final 1.jpg
knight of knives final 1.jpg
6 of spoons final 1.jpg
1 of spoons final 2.jpg
death final 4.jpg
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